We love seeing our graduates out in the field and doing what they love! AnnaElyse Winchester is the perfect example of that.

AnnaElyse was a member of Blackbird’s December 2018 class and now works at Live Events Media Group in Charlotte, North Carolina! In her role, she’s A1-ed and A2-ed shows including NBA All Stars, corporate gigs with notable guest speakers (like Willow Smith!), and festival shows within the Charlotte area. AnnaElyse went on to say that “I LOVE my job… I’ve started doing most of their audio, and they are starting to use me as a PM on top of that.”

Congrats AnnaElyse – you make us proud! Check out The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound program, or submit an application!

AnnaElyse in class

AnnaElyse in NC

AnnaElyse working hard