Here’s the third installment of a series of recording hints, tips, tricks and ideas, from the front of the Blackbird Academy classroom.

Something to keep in mind regarding sound and recording: everything is an EQ. What is an equalizer’s purpose? To change timbre- tone quality. What else that we can do in creating, capturing, processing, mixing and mangling a sound affects timbre? Just about everything. The gauge of a pick, the liveliness of strings, the position in the room, mic choice and placement all affect the timbre.

Compressors and limiters are EQ’s: by changing the relative loudness of different episodes in the life of a sound, they alter its timbre. Likewise, the time expansion and sound of a delay or reverb. This principle is all adaptive and ever-present- we alter the sound of the sound by moving our heads, turning the speakers up or down- or, wearing a hat.

Everything is an EQ.