Blackbird Studio A

A throwback to the early days of recording with a Beatles-inspired twist, Studio A has all the comforts and technology of a modern studio and offers the best of both worlds.

Studio A is centered around our highly customized Neve 8078 console, which has quite a pedigree. This board was custom built for Motown (LA), and then was sold to Donald Fagen. Steely Dan’s “Aja” and Donald Fagen’s “The Nightly” were mixed on this console, along with many other historic records. In 2002, John McBride bought the console and immediately began an extensive six-month restoration with Geoff Tanner (who originally helped build the console at the Neve factory). The original quad bus was removed and a second stereo bus added, giving the console 24 busses. Additional inserts were added, to every channel either pre or post eq, as well as the Flying Fader automation system.

Studio A features 11 different recording areas including a variable Hidley-designed chamber with a scalable ceiling to customize reverb time. The large tracking room has adjustable flutter-free panels in the large tracking room for added reverb control, and a truly awe-inspiring amount of outboard gear.