This letter from one of our attendees says it better than we ever could.

“I just got home from Nashville and couldn’t wait to tell you how much I enjoyed the audio engineering camp last week. I still can’t believe that I was at Blackbird Studio. Those three days were filled with so many great experiences, from talking about songwriting with Jason Sever and producing with Nathan Chapman to seeing Martina in the studio! When I saw her in concert in March, I never would have believed that I would actually get to meet her and mix tracks for her recording of Natural Woman. Martina’s voice is so amazing that we couldn’t help but make it the highlight of our final mix. She was so nice to all of us, making a point to ask us about our musical interests and our experience at Blackbird.
John, thank you so much for all the incredible advice you gave us. Hearing you talk about different aspects of the music industry and what it takes to be successful was really something special. What you taught us goes beyond the mechanics of audio engineering. Hard work and a great attitude really are important – for any path we pursue – and I appreciate you sharing your expertise and insights with us.
Now that I’m home, I’m really excited to use what I learned to record some of my own songs. I could never have gotten these opportunities anywhere else, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
– Sarah Killian

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