Superstar Brittan “Britt” Yeomans (Live Sound Engineering 🎓 Class of 2019) is a PA Technician at Clair Global. She’s toured with Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and “wherever Clair needs me” (For example, she recently joined in on a Phish Tour!)

About her time at The Blackbird Academy, Britt says:

“The Blackbird Academy really kickstarted my audio career in the best way. The school's hands-on approach quickly got me from ‘what does phase mean’ to an employee with the world's greatest sound company upon graduation.”

👉 TIP: Britt is an Air Force veteran and used her benefits to attend The Blackbird Academy. (Yes, we take Veterans’ Benefits!)

Follow Britt on Instagram at @brittan_yeomans to see this rising star in action!

Britt running monitors during a rehearsal
at The Blackbird Academy Live.

Britt snaps a shot while on tour with Alicia Keys

On tour with Blake Shelton.