The Blackbird Academy’s microphones, consoles, outboard gear, and recording spaces are second to none. As a student, you learn on the same equipment used by top producers, musicians, and recording artists who have created countless award-winning records in Blackbird Studio. Check out the rooms below. 

Take a tour inside the mic locker with John McBride

The Blackbird Academy’s microphone locker has more than 1,400 microphones on hand including U47s, Telefunken 251s and Elektroakustic RFTs, AKG C12s, Neumann U67s, M50s, M49s, M269s, classic small diaphragm tube mics and many more. Students will experience ears on shootouts, best practices for setup, and tips on miking from instructors, experienced staff and award-winning guest lecturers. Access to the single best collection of microphones in the world is one of the things that makes The Blackbird Academy education so unique.

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