Keith Urban

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician

If you are thinking about going anywhere for an audio school, this is the place … it's the epicenter of recording in Nashville and people from outside country music are all coming here to record as well.

Vance Powell

Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer

If you're going to be getting an education in this business, this is the best set of rooms to be doing it in.


Drummer, The Black Keys

If you are interested in learning how to record or mix live sound ... from some of the best people in the game, I would recommend going to The Blackbird Academy.

Tim McGraw

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actor

If you are looking for a place to learn all you can about audio, then The Blackbird Academy is the place you need to be.

Sheryl Crow

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician

[Students] are going to walk in here, be excited about learning, and really learn what it takes to make a record … if I had six months to dedicate to coming to The Blackbird Academy, I would so be here.

Don Was

Grammy-Winning Producer, Musician

To be able to learn in that environment … man, you are gonna have the best shot of an education in recording that you’re gonna have anywhere!


“I specifically chose The Blackbird Academy because I knew that it was going to provide the best quality education in terms of audio, and it paid off. I was hired by Clair Global after I finished the Live Sound Program, which led me to becoming the front of house engineer for Carly Pearce, who is on tour with Luke Bryan. It has been such an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much this year. I did both programs and graduated March, 2017.”

Javonnii Curry

Nashville, Tennessee(Veteran, FOH Engineer for Carly Pearce)

​“This is HANDS DOWN, the best audio school in the world!!! If you are looking for a career in the music industry, The Blackbird Academy is a must.”

Matt Wolach

Los Angeles, California(Musician, Mix Engineer for Spike Stent)

“The Academy has the ability to bring in some of the most successful industry professionals as guest speakers. TBA allows students to learn networking etiquette in a comfortable environment, so they are able to build up the confidence to introduce themselves at future, possibly more intimidating, events. In addition, you never know where shaking someone’s hand could lead. After crossing paths with some of the outstanding guests we had, I made connections that led me to work at CMA Fest, create new co-writing relationships, and begin training with a vocal coach, just to name a few.”

Amy Peters

Nashville, TN(Singer-songwriter, Producer)

“The Blackbird Academy helped me understand session and studio etiquette which is so important. This is a customer service industry through and through. Reading people and making them feel comfortable is just as important as patching a piece of gear and being on your toes. The Blackbird Academy taught me session workflow and how you must always be alert and ready to assist in any way possible. The Blackbird Academy also helped me establish crucial connections with people in the industry that proved very helpful when I was out on my own. I am still benefitting from the people and places I was exposed to while in the Academy. I definitely gained a leg up because of the base work I put in with the Academy.”

Rachael Moore

Nashville, TN(Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

“After graduating from The Blackbird Academy, I was able to immediately translate what I learned into the work I do with artists every day. I’ve been privileged enough to have surpassed 1 billion streams to my credits, with multiple Billboard #1’s, and Platinum and Gold records. The education you receive prepares you for every situation that gets thrown at you in the “real-world,” and the hands-on nature of it allows you to learn in studios from mentors who make serious records every day. My time at Blackbird was the perfect foundation for me to solidify my skills so I can deliver the best results for the artists I work with. Attending The Blackbird Academy is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to make audio their career.”

Gabe Gallucci

Toronto, Canada(Shawn Mendes, David Otero, Disney Channel, Victoria Duffield)

“​The best audio school in the world. The top lecturers, studios, gear, experiences and opportunities – all in Nashville, Tennessee!”

Chris Pearson

London, England(Engineer, Mixer, Producer, chrispearsonsound.com)

“I graduated from the Blackbird Academy in June of 2015. Thanks to the education and connections I had received in this program, I began touring even prior to graduating. Since then, I have mixed for Aubrie Sellers, Sturgill Simpson, Raelynn, and am currently mixing FOH for Kane Brown. By using what I learned in lectures and live band rehearsals at the Blackbird Academy, I was able to go out and start working immediately, no matter what equipment I was given. I have been hired by and worked with other Blackbird graduates in the past two years and we are developing an incredible network of engineers and audio professionals across the nation. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to have a great career in audio to come be part of the Blackbird family!”

David Loy

Nashville, Tennessee(Aubrie Sellers, Sturgill Simpson, Raelynn, Kane Brown)