The Blackbird Academy’s microphones, consoles, outboard gear, and spaces are second to none. As a student, you have access to and learn on the same equipment used by pro touring engineers, musicians, and recording artists who work professionally at our facilities every day. Check out the Live Program’s gear and rooms below.


Midas Heritage 3000
ATI Paragon
Yamaha PM4000 (FOH version)
Yamaha PM4000m (monitor version)
Soundcraft GB2
Allen & Heath GL-4
Midas Venice 320
5x Mackie 1604

2x Digico SD8
Soundcraft Vi1
2x Midas M32
2x Soundcraft SiPerformer
Digidesign ProControl
2x Yamaha PM1D
2x Allen & Heath SQ7


Yamaha SPX90
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX990 x3
TC Electronic 1128 EQs x8
TC Electronic D-two x2
TC Electronic TC2290
TC Electronic TC6032
Roland SDE3000
Rane C4
DBX 1066
DBX 160 x2
DBX160A x3

DBX 160xt
Lexicon PCM42 x3
Lexicon PCM60
Urei 1176 x2
Urei LA-4 x2
SPL Transient Designer
BSS dpr 504
Chandler Limited EMI TG2
Chandler Limited Zener Limiter
Drawmer DS201 x3
Klark Teknik DN360 x6


Showco Prism Rig
Clair S4’s
8x Clair CM-22 wedges
8x Clair MD1202 wedges
8x Crown Marcotech 3600 amps

8x Crown Macrotech 3612 amps
4x EV P3000 amps
2x EVP1250 amps
8x Clair Lake I/O


  • Have individual workstations when working in the classroom featuring the Focusrite RedNet X2P with Dante and ProTools.
  • Have access to audio labs and equipment outside of regular hours, to work on assignments and/or to practice recording and mixing.
  • Work alongside industry pros and special guest mentors in the classroom, live rehearsals, and training events.
  • Benefit from networking events and onsite visits to Nashville live venues, broadcast outlets, and other audio-related businesses.