October 2, 2017 (wait list only) ~ January 8, 2018

Application and Studio Program Details

The Blackbird Academy’s programs are taught over 24 weeks, hands-on, in studios you’ve heard on countless records. Classes meet five days a week in the classroom (6 hours per day), or five hours a day in the studio. Half of the program (350 hours) is spent in studio, where groups of five students focus on pre-production, recording live musicians, overdubbing, and mixing. The other half of the program takes place in our learning lab, also a working recording studio featuring an API console, two isolation booths, and 30 individual Pro Tools stations. Each student in the lab will have access to high-quality gear, including a Universal Audio Apollo interface featuring every UAD-2 plugin the company offers. Students have access to audio labs outside of regular hours to work on assignments and practice workflows. We also have field trips to venues, studios and other audio-related sites where students gain the benefit of learning from working industry professionals.



October 2, 2017  ~ January 8, 2018

Application and Live Sound Program Details

The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Engineering Program is based on the same model as our Studio Engineering Program: experiential learning from real-life scenarios a live sound professional would come across every day. Our program has been developed in collaboration with Clair Global, the premier live sound company. Because of this relationship, students learn on gear that touring professionals use every day from the massive Clair warehouses in Nashville, TN. Clair Global professionals are also part of the guest teaching staff, guiding students through the skills it takes to work in this challenging and growing industry.