[EDITOR’S UPDATE JUNE 18, 2020: Since we first published this story, we have added a few more snares, like 59. “We have 160 snares,” says John McBride. There you have it!]
I guess I need to start changing my tours around a little at the Blackbird Studio. I’ve always said we have 60-70 snare drums, but I need to start saying 101.
Yep, that’s right, not 100. Add one.
I had a feeling that it was more than 70, so I had the guys count the other night and get me an inventory for a client. It’s for a band coming in from overseas that doesn’t have money to send over their cartage. Can you imagine the cost of sending your kit or amps over the ocean? So using something in the Blackbird inventory is a pretty great deal when you think about it. It’s one of many great things at Blackbird Studio, that along with all of the microphones you could ever imagine under one big roof (1,400+ and counting)!