Last week was the first week for our students working with a band in Blackbird Studio’s Studios A and B. Neo Tundra Cowboy came in and laid down two of their songs, “At the Rodeo” and “Midnight Pistol Dawn.” The tracks sounded truly amazing!

Our students have been incredibly engaged from day one, coming to class early and staying late, so I knew that they were all dedicated and committed, but I have to admit that even I was really surprised at how much they KNEW in the studio. Kevin Becka would say to them, “Let’s try this” or “Change this and that on the patch bay.” I kept expecting someone to say, “Ok, can you remind me how to do that?” and the questions never came! Every time something was requested of them, the students sprung into action and just did it – because they knew how!

Bottom line: we have AMAZING instructors, AMAZING students, and AMAZING studio staff. Do you want to be AMAZING? Put yourself on the right track to a career in audio engineering and come see the Blackbird difference!

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