Check out Institutional Director John McBride’s interview with 2017 graduate Javonnii Curry!

Javonnii served for eight years in the United States Army as a deep sea diver before graduating from both the Studio Engineering and Live Sound programs in 2017.

Since then, he has worked at Clair Global and as an audio engineer and production manager for Carly Pearce as she toured with Rascal Flats, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan in 2018. Javonnii described the experience as, “Every show that we’ve done this year, I’ve always thought about those moments at the academy or those moments at the rehearsal rooms. It was just nice to see how all that knowledge compounded to putting off a good show.”

Congrats to Javonnii on his achievements, and view his program testimonial here.

Javonnii Curry

Javonnii at work

John McBride with Javonnii Curry