When special guest Dave Natale (The Rolling Stones, Prince, Super Bowl halftime shows) asked the class if anyone wanted to do a live mix for him to critique, Jonathan (J.R.) stepped up to the plate. It’s no surprise he’s in demand now.

He’s now an Audio engineer at Agora LLC, Dubai, UAE.

J.R. started out as a FOH engineer at EXPO 2020 Dubai, and transitioned into a FOH Systems engineer for an L’Acoustics K1 and L-isa Rigs at EXPO as well.

“I’m mostly doing systems and a huge advocate of L-ISA and a L-acoustics power user.  It's just been a year since I graduated, but it has been a crazy and fun ride so far.” 

And J.R, has a sweet Instagram feed! Check him out at @jonathan__robin.

Dave Natale critiques J.R.’s mix.

Jonathan doing what he does best, live sound!

Jonathan’s view Front of House.