She might sing your favorite soundtrack, but you might not know her story. 

Louise Goffin is a December 2019 Studio Engineering graduate, recording artist, Grammy-nominated producer, and podcaster. Her musical roots run deep and strong, with ten albums total under her belt. Louise most recently released her 2020 folk-pop album, “Two Different Movies.” Fun fact – the “Two Different Movies” album cover is a hand-drawn sketch from the incredible Joni Mitchell! 

Louise has shared one of her favorite Blackbird memories in an Instagram video included below, writing that she was “remembering fondly having the Blackbird Academy classroom all to myself one night and inviting @saradouga to come in and record her new songs.” Louise has also been quoted about her Academy experience, stating that it “gave me so much confidence and aside from that, I loved Nashville. The community is amazing. So much about it was an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful I did it.”

"remembering fondly having the Blackbird Academy classroom all to myself one night and inviting @saradouga to come in and record her new songs" - Louise Goffin on Instagram

Currently, Louise hosts the Song Chronicles podcast, where she interviews music makers and digs into the life lived behind their hit songs. She even recorded two of her Blackbird classmates (Hunter Hileman on bass and Jackson Foster on trumpet) to play on the Song Chronicles theme song! Louise is the perfect host to explore artistry within her podcast. She knows a thing or two about a life lived in the music industry, as she’s the daughter of artist Carole King and lyricist Gerry Goffin. 

Embracing her family’s roots, she and her mother sing together on the beloved Gilmore Girls opening theme recording of “Where You Lead,” and both appeared in the 2016 revival. Louise also earned a 2012 Grammy nomination for her work on Carole King’s album, “A Holiday Carole.” She additionally honors her musical heritage through her work with The Goffin & King Foundation. Louise founded the nonprofit a year before attending Blackbird and works to steward her parents’ legacy by supporting emerging songwriters through educational initiatives. Its inaugural songwriting retreat was held on a weekend between classes during her enrollment, with several Blackbird alumni (then-classmates) volunteering to run sound and record live performances.

Currently, Louise and producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Produce Like a Pro) are founding an online songwriting academy!

“During my career, I have been blessed to work with some of the most incredible musicians, producers, engineers, and songwriters. These experiences have shaped my journey and honed my craft! I am bringing all of this experience to one place, an Academy, an online community, where I can share these skills I’ve learned with others so we can grow together!”

Left: Louise’s “Two Different Movies” album cover. Center: Louise’s class with Al Schmitt, John McBride, Niko Bolas, and Mark Rubel. Right: Louise and Blackbird classmates at the inaugural Goffin and King Songwriting Retreat.

Louise is the type of artist and encourager that every musician could learn a thing or two from! We are so proud to call her an alum of The Blackbird Academy, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store with her. To keep up with Louise, check out her Instagram and Spotify. Interested in making your own place in music history? Apply to join The Blackbird Academy’s Studio Engineering and Live Sound Engineering programs

Louise at the Goffin-King Foundation

Louise with John McBride

Louise as an artist