The Live Sound Engineering students went behind the scenes for load in and setup!

The Live Sound Engineering students went behind the scenes on July 10, 2015, viewing the load-in and setup for Luke Bryan’s July 11 show at Vanderbilt Stadium.

The class observed some of the best engineers in the business – and even experienced a fast stage evacuation when a lighting storm hit! (Maybe, that’s a little TOO “real word?” Nah, not for them!)

Roger Gibbons from Clair Global Nashville said, “I was very impressed that every single one of them [the students] stayed until after 10 p.m., which is when we finally got to fire up the system due to the rain delays. Seeing their faces when they heard the i-5D system really made the whole thing so perfect!” (Thanks, Roger!)

Students also had the chance to meet Brent Edgerton, a graduate of The Blackbird Academy’s first Live Sound Engineering class, now an engineer with Clair. “Brent started just where they are now, so now they can see the potential of hard work and dedication,” said Gibbons.