Nick Molino is marking milestones!

As a Studio Engineering student, Nick won the Spring 2018 Platinum Award (valedictorian honors). Since then, he has interned at Blackbird Studio, worked as an assistant engineer at Welcome to 1979, and toured with Martina McBride.

Most recently, Nick worked on the crew for Alabama and Martina McBride’s Bridgestone Arena shows on July 2-3, 2021. As the banner above reads, this was the venue’s first full capacity show in 482 days! 

Nick took to Instagram to share his thoughts, writing, “The coolest sign I’ve ever seen at a gig. It really puts this whole year and a half into perspective. I’m thankful for the people in this camp for teaching me all that I know!” 

We’re thankful to get to watch Nick growing in his craft and doing great work. Now that tours are back, the sky’s the limit! Want to find work in touring and live shows? Check out our “How To Get a Job in Live Sound” post to learn more.

Nick in Studio A

Nick at graduation    

Nick as a student