Studio Engineering Grad Taylor Borton is a songwriter/musician living in Nashville. She’s a part of the April 2019 class, and she just released her first single…

Q: Tell me about your new record? Did you work on it at The Blackbird Academy?

A: “Give A Damn” is my first single, and I really want it to represent my style and overall attitude. The song started off with an acoustic guitar, vocals, and a fiddle. Those were recorded in the Academy classroom. I can’t say I knew exactly what I was doing, but that’s the reason I was there! I will say, I love how it turned out. 

Q: What’s the release date? 

A:  Pre-save release – June 12, 2020

     All music platforms – June 26, 2020

     Music video – July 10, 2020

Q: What did you learn at BBA that you have found most valuable so far?

A: “Attitude is 99% of the gig,” the wise words of John McBride. This is beyond valuable to me because it’s completely true. You can show up to any job with a negative mindset, and I guarantee you will not get far. Even if you’re not a pro, just walk in with a smile and don’t say a word. No one wants to work with a know-it-all. 

Q: What advice do you have for future graduates?

A: If you found that thing you know you want to do, do it. Sometimes that’s way easier said than done, but that’s what makes it all worthwhile. 

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