The Blackbird Academy is so honored to be partnering with Pensado’s Place. They recently visited us here in Nashville to shoot their 2-part Thanksgiving special, “Nashville Gives Thanks.” 

Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, along with their crew, traveled to Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN for two very special episodes of Pensado’s Place with an all-star cast of guests that include: John and Martina McBride, Kevin Becka, Dan Huff, David Huff, Justin Niebank, Brett “Scoop” Blanden, Tony Castle, Melonie Cannon, Buddy Cannon, Dan Frizsell, Steve Bogard, Rodney Clawson, Stephanie Willis, John Willis, Ed Seay, Dave Pensado, and Herb Trawick!

Check out Pensado’s Place here!