drum mics
The array of available microphones to use for your recordings is vast and multifaceted. Here are a few more options to try out on your drum recordings that are some of our favorites!


  • Sennheiser e602-II – $149.95
    • This mic is an easy “set it and forget it” type of kick drum mic. Its frequency and dynamic response complement kick drums extremely well. Just place it and roll tape!
  • AKG D112 MKII – $199
    • A versatile kick drum mic, the D112 sounds great off the bat. It also responds to EQ extremely well, allowing it to work in a variety of genres and range of kick sounds.


  • AEA A440  –  $5,799
    • A recreation of the RCA 44BX, which is considered one of the best sounding microphones of all time, this mic can sound wonderful on kick drums. Its SPL rating of 132dB is high for a ribbon mic, and it packs an incredible low-end boom that is unlike any other mic you’ve heard before. AEA also makes a couple of other versions in the same 44 series at a lower price point.



  • Sennheiser MD 441U – $999
    • This is a fantastic alternative to the usual suspects. Presence boost and low-frequency contour switches are available to tailor the sound to your liking. It is focused and natural sounding and often makes the sound of the kit.


  • Beyerdynamic M 88 TG – $359
    • The M 88 is a studio workhorse that can offer another flavor for snare. It can sound dynamic and very clear. Its tight polar pattern can help reject unwanted off-axis sounds.


  • Sennheiser MD 421-II – $399
    • This one was mentioned in the toms section in Part 1, but it makes a fantastic snare drum mic as well. It can capture a snare’s punch and crack really well. It’s a classic used on many of the most popular recordings in history!



  • Shure SM81 – $349
    • This small diaphragm condenser microphone has two different selectable high-pass filters and 10 dB pad. Tonally very neutral and balanced sounding, it works well on overheads too.


  • Audio Technica AT5045 – $1,399
    • The AT5045 can handle up to 149 SPL and sounds extremely clear and detailed. Its modern design and performance specs translate to stunning sound quality.


  • Shure SM7B – $349
    • This Shure SM7B is perhaps a surprising addition in this category, but it can work really well for certain types of sounds. When an alternative to the small diaphragm condenser sound is needed, a lot of times this is the ticket.


  • Josephson e22s –  $1,515
    • The e22 is mentioned in Part 1 in the overheads category but is an absolute must on this list. Their unique design makes them easy to place in the optimal spot, and they sound excellent.

     josephson e22

  • Earthworks DM20 – $349
    • This microphone captures heaps of detail and tone. Its mounting system fastens to the rim of the tom, excluding the need for a microphone stand.


  • Shure KSM32 –  $499 to $549
    • This mic is a favorite on a lot of sources and unsurprisingly works extremely well on toms. It comes equipped with 2 different high pass filters and a selectable 15 dB pad.


  • Neumann U67 Reissue  –  $7,299 each
    • A reissue of a studio classic, these microphones are hard to beat on pretty much anything you try them on – overheads being no exception. Their sound on overheads can be described as detailed and powerful. They have multiple selectable polar patterns and a level pad.



  • Audio Technica AT4033 – $399 each
    • At this price point, it’s hard to believe how well these can work on overheads. Clear and open sounding, they often stand strong next to microphones costing many times more.

  • Royer SF-24V – $5,795
    • The SF24V is a tube-powered stereo ribbon microphone with a Blumlein pattern. Its natural and surprisingly open sound works wonders on overheads, among other things. This mic has quickly become a favorite on drum rooms as well.

  earthwork sdm20

Room Mics

  • Coles 4038 – $1365 each
    • A studio staple for good reason, 4038s are workhorses and sound amazing as drum room microphones (and as also great as overheads). The darker sound characteristic of the 4038 makes it ideal to tame harsh sources, but they maintain a detailed and almost holographic sound.
coles 4038
Coles 4038 pair as room microphones.


  • Neumann U 87 Ai – $3,650
    • The U 87 Ai is another versatile microphone that excels on many types of sources. It has switchable polar patterns and a selectable pad. Like the U 67, it’s a studio workhorse and is hard to beat.

  • AEA R88 mkII – $1,999
    • The R88 is a passive stereo ribbon and one of the most popular and versatile mics available today. Its two long ribbons arranged in a Blumlein pattern capture the room with a smooth and natural sound.

      AEA r88                              


These are mics used every day at the Blackbird Studio that have become many engineers’ favorites and go-to choices when recording drums. Hopefully, this list will give you some inspiration and new ideas to try out!
Also, check out part 1 of this article for more recommendations!