January 14, 2014|In At Blackbird|By The Blackbird Academy
dagne gorham scholarship winner 2014
Dagne Gorham in Blackbird Studio A.

Hi, my name is Dagne Gorham, and I’m from Cambridge, Minnesota. I play piano, guitar, French horn, and sing. I have always had an interest in the mechanics behind it all, especially in audio engineering. I really think audio engineering is a fascinating concept – it is technical yet very artistic.

During the first week at the Academy, I’ve already learned so much.  We have started talking about the general audio process and basics of signal flow, as well as an intro into learning how to use the Pro Tools 11 recording software. Recently Sheryl Crow came into our class to talk to us!  It was so lovely to hear her talk about not only her career as a musician, but also about her love for the audio engineering side of music, analog recordings and vinyl records, and how she works while in the studio. She knows her stuff and that really inspired me, especially because she has been quite successful in this male-dominated music/audio industry.

I am very excited to get into the studio and start using the concepts that we’ve been learning in the classroom! We get to record live bands and work on our own recording projects, as well as have celebrity mentors come in to teach us their tips of the trade.  I look forward to these elements and so much more as this course progresses.  It’s definitely going to be a great adventure.