A Day In The Studio

Have you ever wondered how a day runs at a major recording studio? For all the high-end clients at Blackbird Studio, it all starts before the band…

Bass guitar

What to Consider When Recording Bass Guitar

Bass guitar recording is an important skill. The bass provides the harmonic foundation for the music and helps form the rhythmic pulse. It can…

drum mic

Pro Tools Tips: Playlists and Comping

Pro Tools Playlists One key to quick and effective recording is the use of Pro Tools playlists. Playlists allow us to save and switch between…


Alumni Profile: Rachael Moore

In our third alumni interview, we chatted with graduate Rachael Moore from The Blackbird Academy’s third studio engineering class. Rachael shared her…

Meet Our Scholarship Winner!

January 14, 2014|In At Blackbird|By The Blackbird Academy