New Single

NAWAS, “Crazy 4 U”

1. The latest single from artist duo NAWAS, “Crazy 4 U,” is mixed by Studio Engineering grad Ciel Eckard-Lee. Ciel is also a sound designer/producer at Facebook. It’s “One to Watch.” Get Ready to Dance!

NAWAS cover crazy 4 u

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Hector Tellez, Jr.

2. Way back in February 2020 (in a time before quarantine), The Blackbird Academy students recorded Cuban artist Hector Tellez, Jr. in Studio A. In Hector’s band that week was Raul Malo, frontman for The Mavericks and Dino Malo (@thegreatbamdino) on drums. Here’s a clip (see right) from the official video of Tellez’s latest song recorded at Blackbird Studio, John McBride engineering and students assisting. (Don’t you just wish you could have been in that session? Imagine working with Raul Malo…)

Video debut

Taylor Borton,“Give a Damn”

3. Singer/Songwriter and BBA Grad Taylor Borton is releasing the video from her first single, “Give a Damn” today. Classmate/Grad Colby Killingsworth “helped Taylor produce the song and recorded the vocals.” (The fiddle was actually recorded by Taylor in the Academy classroom.) Read more about Taylor here.

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