The Blackbird Academy: A Crash Course

So, you might be dreaming of playing a part in the moment of sheer electricity that happens when a vocalist hits a high note during a once in a lifetime stadium show, or sitting in a sleek studio as your favorite artist mixes the next Grammy-nominated album might be more of your vibe. While these things certainly aren’t out of reach, prospective audio engineers have a lot of work to do and dues to pay before reaching these heights. 

At The Blackbird Academy, students are prepared to do the real work. Meaning, you get your hands dirty from day one, learn the proper etiquette and techniques, and holistically learn how to be the best engineer you can be. In a best-case scenario (a.k.a – the one that happens 99.9% of the time), graduates emerge hardworking, humble, and hungry to get that first gig that will kick off the rest of their career. However, you might be wondering how you get to this place. While your best bet is to begin by filling out an application to join an upcoming class, these resources below might encourage you to seize the day and take your future audio career by the reins.

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Pick a Path

Both studio and touring life are fast-paced, intricate, and take time to master. At The Blackbird Academy, students can pursue audio in the Live Sound Engineering program or the Studio Engineering program to explore their areas of interest. What’s the best way to decide what’s right for you? Take a look at the posts below to see what resonates more. 

How to Get a Job in Live Sound | A Day in the Life of a FOH Engineer

How to Find Studio Work | A Day in The Studio

Studio engineering classroom

Best Practices & Industry Expertise

To get a feel for some of the technical elements, visit our posts on best practices for using gear, mics, and Pro Tools to your advantage. However, make sure to get a feel for The Studio Production Hierarchy, so you know how to work your way up in a respectful and appropriate way!

Essential Studio Gear | Pro Tools: Playlists and Comping

Recording Piano 101 | Recording the Acoustic Guitar

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Final Thoughts

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