July 2021 camp jeremy

July 2021 Summer Recording Camp

July 22, 2021In Featured, CampsBy Lucy Walsh These 12 high school students just spent three days tracking, mixing, and learning on some of the best…

camper with mic

June 2021 Summer Recording Camp

June 17, 2021In Featured, CampsBy Lucy Walsh The future of the music industry was right here, folks! Some of the coolest and most talented high…

playing guitar

August 2020 Summer Recording Camp

August 12, 2020In Featured, CampsBy Marian MatthisLet's make a record!They came from both coasts and everywhere in between to learn how to record a…

Summer camp

July 2020 Summer Recording Camp Wrap-up

July 24, 2020In Featured, CampsBy Marian MatthisCampers ‘Come Together’ at The Blackbird Academy Forget the canoeing and the campfires – THEY WANT TO…

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2020 Summer Recording Camp Dates

If you’re 13 to 19-years-old and have a passion for making music, this is the opportunity to live your dream. Join us this summer at The Blackbird…

Summer Studio Engineering Camp Review

This letter from one of our attendees says it better than we ever could.

Christian Bush from Sugarland with students

Kristian Bush: Musicmaker and Mentor

Kristian Bush is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer who co-founded the band Sugarland in 2002. He recently visited The Blackbird…