A Day In The Studio

Have you ever wondered how a day runs at a major recording studio? For all the high-end clients at Blackbird Studio, it all starts before the band…


4 Traits of a Successful Audio Engineer

Working in audio isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by it. Sure, it takes hard work, consistency, determination, luck, and…

what a day in the classroom is like

A Day in the ‘Classroom’

October 3, 2016In Live, At Blackbird, StudioBy Carma DiCianniWatch these videos to check out what a day in The Blackbird Academy classroom is really…


How to Find Studio Work

There isn’t any one way to get studio work, but there are typical paths and ways to maximize your chances. Finding studio work can be separated…

Bass guitar

What to Consider When Recording Bass Guitar

Bass guitar recording is an important skill. The bass provides the harmonic foundation for the music and helps form the rhythmic pulse. It can…

drum mic

Best Mics To Use For Recording Drums – Part 1

Recording drums can be a challenge. To get top results, pay attention to the three elements that will render a great sounding outcome – a…

black and white guitars

The Studio Production Hierarchy

Greetings! Here at The Blackbird Academy, we teach many subjects: technology and techniques, critical listening, business skills, history,…


5 Reasons to Attend Audio Engineering Schools

When it comes to getting better at audio engineering, you have a multitude of options — mentoring, apprenticeships, four-year universities, audio…

Live sound

What it Takes to be a FOH Engineer

I believe that some people are born to great things, and that greatness is defined by a feeling you have in your heart when you are doing something…

Mark teaching

What to Think About When EQing Vocals

Greetings from Blackbird! Here are some points about equalizing vocals, ranging from general to specific.