Jess Brewer on tour

Jess Brewer

Meet Jess Brewer, Tour Manager and FOH Engineer for Danielle Bradbery! Jess is an alumni from The Blackbird Academy’s January 2017 class.…

Caleb Carter at the console

Caleb Carter

Get the gear. Get to travel. Get paid! This is the FOH life Live Sound alumni Caleb Carter is living as a monitor engineer and stage manager for…

John McBride and Javonnii Curry

Javonnii Curry

Check out Institutional Director John McBride’s interview with 2017 graduate Javonnii Curry! Javonnii served for eight years in the…

Mix Magazine


Our Institutional Director and President, John McBride, is featured in this month’s issue of “Mix” (December 2017).  Some great insight here on live…


Fundamentals of Live Mixing

The name of the game is sound reinforcement. When it comes to successful and great-sounding live mixes, it is important to remember that the name of…


The Rolling Stones, Cuba, and a Live Sound Grad

TBA recently got the chance to sit down with one of our grads, Rachel Rozzi, and talk to her about her time touring with the Rolling Stones and their…

live sound

Mixing Vocals in a Live Setting

The human voice, as an instrument, is probably the oldest, most dynamic, and sonically diverse sound source in existence. In terms of sound…

get a job in live sound

How to Get a Job in Live Sound

Okay, let’s say audio engineering has been your passion for years, and you know you want to take it to a professional level. The only issue is, the…

Luke Bryan load in

Students get real world experience at Luke Bryan Show

  The Live Sound Engineering students went behind the scenes for load in and setup!

live sound students assist at lee brice show

Live Sound Students Assist at Lee Brice Show

December 5, 2014In LiveBy The Blackbird AcademyFOH engineer Wayne Pauley invited the Blackbird Academy Live Sound Engineering students to a Lee Brice…